JEBA Acquires Third GPR Unit

JEBA has acquired a third GPR unit that has been deployed to the Florida
office for its SUE operations. “The Mala Easy Locator is perfectly suited
for conventional GPR work in the prevalent soil conditions in Florida,”
Javier Bidot, stated at the unit’s unveiling in support for various projects
for the Broward County Public Schools.

Subsurface Utility Exploration

Foto 7Javier Bidot & Associates fields two utility exploration crews for prospecting, clearance and inventory surveys.  All work is performed in strict conformance with ASCE specification 3802.

As a full service survey company, Javier Bidot & Associates will provide conceptual, plan and specification, construction stakeout, quality control and third party surveys.  Clients will enjoy consistency and service throughout the project definition, design, development, construction and commisioning cycle.

Our services have been used by federal and local authorities for Geographic Information System (GIS) applications including asset maps validation and inventory.Foto-8

About Us

Javier E. Bidot & Associates has been boots on ground over 17 years.  Whenever it is high stakes, and there is a need to get it right the first time we will rise up to the challenge.

 To the satisfaction of the US Corps of Engineers, NOAA, Fish and Wildlife Service, US Marshalls Service, and other government organizations, we have consistently gone over and beyond the call of duty.  With us watching your interests, let surveying not be a concern any more.

While cost is important, our focus is value, with industry leading service and a solid track record.  Our competent, proven bilingual staff will move your project forward.  Can you afford to settle for less?