Status Report and News Release:

We have received reports of difficulties in getting in touch with our Caguas, Puerto Rico office. The present is to inform you all that our office reopened on October 2, 2017, two weeks after the disastrous Hurricane Maria struck. The office made use of its standby generators and backup water tank and relayed internet traffic through its Boca Raton, Florida office.


Fast forward four months, and the Caguas office, is in a small regional “pocket” still without grid power. We are running our third generator and a fourth one has already been ordered and is pending installation. The good news is we have water service, land lines, internet and cellphone restored and backup sat phone communication.


Please note the following numbers associated with our office are currently temporarily not in service for technical issues with the line provider or have been dropped from our telephone roster due for other reasons: (787-745-2625 temporarily out of order), (787-697-1139 and 787-698-1139 permanently dropped).


Our Caguas office is open for business Monday thru Friday, 8AM thru 5PM, Atlantic Standard Time. The contact phones are the same for the last 20 years, 787-746-5486, and fax 787-704-6215. Email is received 24-7-365 at , and more information on us is available at our,  Twitter and Facebook pages.  Other available phones during working hours are 787-586-6100 (Margarita Otero, Administrative Assistant) and 787-240-0981 (Carlos Lebron, Survey Manager).


Working on only one land line at the office means you may have to try us more than once to get through due to periodic moments of high call traffic. On very rare occasion, the office will work on reduced work day for generator tank refueling, maintenance, repairs or replacement.


These minor inconveniences have not affected our commitment to our clients and the recovery effort of Puerto Rico and we have performed over a dozen projects in Florida and Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria, including harbor clearance and assessments, high definition surveys for structural damage assessments, subsurface utility surveys for the installation of FEMA emergency generators in different parts of the Puerto Rico, etcetera. All projects have been delivered on time and within budget.


We appreciate your patience and hope to continue our partnership with friends, clients and suppliers in these challenging times. We will keep you all informed.

New Laser Scanning Services

JEBA joins the select few companies in implementing terrestrial based LIDAR (commonly known as laser scanning) for its operations in support of the A/E/C community. The Trimble TX5 is being beta tested in pharmaceutical expansions, site surveys and in locations of electrical transfer and transmission centers without the requirement of any special safety measures and without endangering the staff.

With a capability of acquiring up to 1 million data points per second the TX5 takes our data collection capabilities to a new level.

Construction Stakeout (Puerto Rico Only)

It has been said “construction stakeout is not for the faint of heart”. Taking it a bit further, we are the go-to outfit to place the setting out points for many multi-million dollar projects. With thousands of housing units staked out and hundreds of thousands of commercial and industrial construction footage serviced by our construction survey crews, we have experience that matters. Available for a day or a year, having the resources and experience in house provides our clients flexibility, accountability and peace of mind.

ALTA/ACSM, Topographic and Engineering Surveys

bound-6Be it a multimillion closing, due diligence or expert advise, let our team be there for you.  We know the counsel, the title companies and the ALTA/ACSM process.  Our bilingual staff won’t lose track of what is important for you.

Since 2007 all our boundary and land title surveys are performed to ALTA/ASCM standards in an effort to pursue a higher standard and maximize the value of the finished plot.

As to engineering surveys, we boast more than 100 years of combined field staff experience. Whether it is flood control, marine, heavy civil and infrastructure surveys. The support of the engineering and architectural community is a significant percentage of what we do everyday.

Hydrographic Surveys

Javier Bidot & Associates is the only hydrographic team in Puerto Rico with four specific purpose watercraft and amphibious vehicles.  No matter what is the water body, we’ll survey it, safely and accurately. Starting summer 2017 this expertise is offered out of our Boca Raton location as well.

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With the commissioning of R/V Surveyor 5, we have added the side scan sonar capability, as well as other support services.

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