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About Javier E. Bidot & Associates

Professional Surveyors

Our Vision

A small business land surveying practice that upholds the land surveying profession to the highest standard as it commits to its clients with character, integrity and the incessant pursuit of a balance of quality, timeliness and value in a manner befitting a model for future generations.

Our Mission

Conduct a professional practice of land surveying and mapping focused on quality, performance and timely delivery of complex critical infrastructure, industrial, commercial and engineering survey projects that may require the expert application and management of technology, experience and the human resource.

What makes us different?

The difference is You: For years many small surveying businesses have been involved in the low-bidder, “as cheap as can be” survey maps and technical products. Then You come into play. It is critical your project is delivered on time; that the surveyor remains connected to your technical team and most of all, that the research and deliverables are spot on and can be trusted. Value is important, but the real importance comes from your project moving forward. This means You are different, and you need better. We are a fit for you because:

  1. We are trained: Designated JEBA staff has undergone formal training in Subsurface Utility Detection and Hydrographic Surveying to ensure quality, consistency, efficiency and timeliness in the execution of your most technical, high risk assignments.
  2. We are professional: We use professional grade equipment for our work. From ground penetrating radar units to aluminum custom survey boats, we dedicate a significant portion of our revenue to the upkeep and updating of the best resources for your project. We don’t use a metal detector and say we detect utilities or a cruising boat and a fish finder to say we do bathymetry. Professional means you always get the real thing.
  3. We have specialized experience: With over 20 years of experience in the surveying for complex Federal government, engineering projects, multimillion real estate transactions, dredging, utilities and pharma, we are the small firm that delivers and who to call when the survey data has to be right.
  4. We are mobile: Licensed in Florida, Puerto Rico, New York and the US Virgin Islands, our personnel will get to your site wherever in our area of operations, sometimes within 24 hours. We know you have deadlines and sometimes your project can’t wait. That’s what we are here for.
  5. We adapt: Your project cannot be constrained by your consultant’s personal preferences of technology, let alone by perceived limitations of urgency or the lack thereof. When we go to work for you, you get a guaranteed delivery date and quality of deliverables. This requires infinite adaptability to a varying work load, project types, working conditions, client preferences and styles. For over 20 years, we have committed and we have delivered. Can your project settle for less?
  6. We are clean: JEBA’s personnel are substance tested, fingerprinted and background checked and experienced in work in restricted environments and secure locations. Our staff has transportation worker identification credentials and credentialed to work in specific airport and military installations.

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We take pride in treating every survey project with the utmost competency and efficiency to ensure the quality and timely execution of your project.